Hiking Holiday Lamayuru – darcha 27 Days

Equipments & Packing List

This list is a guideline to help you pack for your adventure. Also understand that the items listed below will vary a little according to the season and the trek duration.. The weight limit for your luggage is 33 pounds or 12 kg. Remember that your luggage will be carried by your porter but you are required to carry a day-pack (with your valuables or anything important) on your own. We also suggest that you pack only what is necessary. The below stated list of equipments are prepared on the basis of our experience. Himalayan vacation treks & expedition team leader will check  all the necessary equipments at the beginning of trekking and our guide will  suggest to add some  other necessary  equipments at the place where it is available.

Important documents and items

  • Valid passport, 2 extra passport size photos, airline tickets
  • Separate photocopies of passport, visa form (easily obtained at Kathmandu airport), proof of insurance
  • Dollars, pounds or Euros in cash for purchasing Nepalese visa at Kathmandu airport, for paying for restaurants and hotels, for gratuities, snacks, and to purchase your own drinks and gifts
  • Credit cards, Bank/ATM/Cash machine cards for withdrawing funds from cash machines (bring a photocopy of your cards), traveler’s checks, etc.


  • Bandana or head scarf, also useful for dusty conditions
  • Warm hat that covers your ears (wool or synthetic)
  • Sun cap
  • Headlamp with extra batteries and bulbs
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Prescription sunglasses (if required)

Upper Body

  • Polypropylene shirts (1 half sleeve and 2 long sleeves)
  • Towel for shower
  • Light and expedition weight thermal tops
  • Fleece wind-stopper jacket or pullover
  • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell jacket
  • Down vest and/or jacket
  • Gore-Tex jacket with hood, waterproof and breathable


  • 1 pair of lightweight poly-liner gloves.
  • 1 pair of lightweight wool or fleece gloves
  • 1 pair of mittens, consists of 1 Gore-Tex over mitt matched with a very warm polar-fleece mitt liner (seasonal)

 Lower Body

  • Non-cotton underwear briefs
  • 1 pair of Hiking shorts
  • 1 pair of Hiking trousers
  • 1 pair of lightweight thermal bottoms (seasonal)
  • 1 pair of fleece or woolen trousers
  • 1 pair of waterproof shell pants, breathable fabric


  • 2 pairs of thin, lightweight inner socks
  • 2 pairs of heavy poly or wool socks
  • 1 pair of Hiking boots with spare laces (sturdy soles, water resistant, ankle support, “broken in”)
  • 1 pair of trainers or running shoes and/or sandals
  • Cotton socks (optional)
  • Gaiters (winter only), optional, “low” ankle high version


  • 1 sleeping bag (good to -10 degrees C or 14 degrees F)*
  •  Fleece sleeping bag liner (optional)
  • Hot water bag under sleeping bag

Rucksack and Travel Bags

  • 1 medium rucksack (50-70 liters/3000-4500 cubic inches, can be used for an airplane carryon)
  • 1 large duffel bag
  • A small daypack/backpack for carrying your valuables, should have good shoulder padding
  • Small padlocks for duffel-kit bags
  • 2 large waterproof rucksack covers (optional)


  • Small, personal first-aid kit. (simple and light)
  • Aspirin, first-aid tape, and plasters (Band-Aids)
  • 1 skin-blister repair kit
  • Anti-diarrhea pills
  • Anti-headache pills
  • Cough and/or cold medicine
  • Anti-altitude sickness pills: Diamox or Acetylzolamide
  • Stomach antibiotic: Ciprofloxacin, etc. Do not bring sleeping pills as they are a respiratory depressant.
  • Water purification tablets or water filter
  • 1 set of earplugs
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses, contact lens supplies

Practical Items

  • 1 small roll of repair tape, 1 sewing-repair kit
  • 1 cigarette lighter, 1 small box of matches
  • 1 compass or GPS(optional)
  • 1 alarm clock/watch
  • 1 digital camera with extra cards and batteries

Day 01: Arrival at Delhin (237m)

Our valuable guests will be received by representative of Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition at the international airport of Delhi and transfer to the hotel. Guests are to look for the Display board that reads: HIMALAYAN VACATION TREKS AND EXPEDITION Pvt Ltd.

Day 02: Delhi to Leh by Flight  1 hours 10munutes (3500m)

Today we fly to Leh from Delhi. Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition representative will transfer us from the hotel to the airport.

Day 03: Leh to Lamayuru (Drive 115km) 3-4 hours

We make sightseeing of beautiful Liker monastery and the world famous Alchi Choskor shrines on the first day while driving to Lamayuru. Since we are driving in the mountain region, the drive goes smoothly taking much time. It will take about 7/8 hours.  We stay in a camp or guest house which is arranged a day before starting the trek.

Day 04: Lamayuru to Wanla (3250m) 2-3 hours 

Today we start our trek early with a short walk for about 20 minutes towards east to cross the rivulet from a point of a Stupa. Another rivulet leads us southwards and then east up to the Prikiting La (3700 m). After crossing the pass we get down to a river in  the beautiful Shillakung valley. We take the right trail along a Stupa and Mani wall. Then we cross the river to get the campsite passing through the houses near the second bridge and a tented restaurant.

Day 05: Wanla to Hanupatta (3970m) 6-7 hours

Today we walk along the road eastward after crossing the river and a rivulet. The trail is divided into two, one leads towards picturesque Alchi village and another to Sumda Chenmo. There is a bridge to cross before walking again along the road for some distance. Soon with crossing another bridge, a difficult trail entering into Hanupatta gorge has to be negotiated with a great care, especially challenging for heavily loaded horses. One more bridge to cross (ignore the second one) to get to a stupa, following which, gorge opens up into the valley of Hanupatta.

Day 06: Hanupatta to Photoksar (4050m) via Sirsir-La (4850m) 6-7 hours

The day 4 involves crossing streams and walking along these before crossing the Sirsir- La (4850m). After crossing the pass we walk along a stream that leads us to the campsite in the beautiful and calm village of Photoksar.

Day 07: Photoksar to Singay La base (4300m) 5-6 hours

Today we walk down the village of Photoksar keeping the stream on our left, and we approach a few huts (herders’ shelters). We cross the stream to walk towards the base of the pass, Singay La. The base, which is the campsite for the day, is not a very long walk from the herders’ shelters.

Day 08: Singay La base to Lingshet (3950m) 5-6 hours

Today we are going to cross three passes. Firstly, we climb up the pass, Singay La (5050m), and on the way down a trail leading to left goes to Yulchung Nerags village. We take the right trail to get to Kyukpa La (4430). After crossing Kyukpa La pass we take the right trail to the same direction down to a beautiful village. We cross the stream and walk upwards to Margo La (4500m). The Lingshet village is reached after the descent of the pass. The campsite is near the school and there is a monastery above the village on the left hand side.

Day 09: Lingshet to Snyertse (3800m) 7-8 hours

We walk down to the stream through the beautiful terraced fields. Then an easy ascend starts after crossing the stream. At Hanuma La (4800m) we enjoy the first and stunning view of Lingshet valley. Walking down along a stream leads us to the campsite before the village.

Day 10: Snyertse to Hanamur (3450m) 5-6 hours

Today’s trekking begins after crossing the stream and the trail goes upwards. After a bend,  we start walking up to the stream, cross the bridge and then a steep ascent takes us to Parfi La (3950m). Walking down to the Zanskar River and the trail along it leads to Hanamur, which has herders’ shelters. The campsite is close to the fields along the River. The village of Hanamur has very few houses just two or three.

Day 11: Hanamur to Pishu 4-5 hours

The trail make us walk along the Zanskar River passing through Pidmo village before getting to the camp today.

Day 12: Pishu to Karsha (3650m) 4-5 hours

Even today we continue walking along the Zanskar River towards Karsha passing through Rinam village. The campsite for the day is below the majestic Karsha monastery perched on the top of a beautiful hill. We go to visit to the monastery, a huge monastic heritage with many monks.

Day 13: Karsha to Padum (3610m) 2-3 hours

Today we visit to religious monuments in Pibiting village and in Padum, Padum which is the headquarter of Zanskar region. We check in Hotel and visit Sani and Stakrimo monasteries after having lunch. The  night’s stay in the hotel with good basic facility is pleasant.

Day 14: Rest at Padum (3610m) visit village

Today is the rest day in Padum. Visits to historical monasteries of Stakrimo and Sani would be prudent during the day before our lunch at our leisure. Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition leader will make arrangement for the visits for those who are interested.

Day 15: Padum to Raru (3800m) 5-6 hours

We walk upstream along the Lungnak River today for the whole trek. On the way we visit a monastery, Bardan Gompa, which is perched on a hill. Then we head to the village of  Mune. We  have a camp close to a bridge at Raru.

Day 16: Raru to Pepula (3750m) 5-6 hours

There are many up and down crosses along the river after crossing it to get to the Pepu La pass close to a stream. We have a camp in a beautiful place with few tea shops.

Day 17: Pepula to Purne (3775m) 4-5 hours

Today we cross the stream and walk up to the next bridge near Tantse. Then we cross the Lungnak River and walk towards north heading Purne, where we have a camp for the night.

Day 18: Purne to Phuktal (3900m) to Purne 4-5 hours

We visit to the renowned beautiful Phuktal Monastery and walk back to the Camp at Purne today. Overnight stay in the same Camp.

Day 19: Purne to Sking (4000m) 6-7 hours

We walk towards the south through a valley to get to the camp.

Day 20: Sking (Hing or Kargyak) to Lhakhang (4450m) 6-6 hours

We walk towards Kargyak and have a camp in the site just across the bridge.

Day 21: Lhakhang to Ramjak(4300m) via Shinkunla 6-7 hours

Again we walk along the river and the ascend starts after a few miles walk. We reach on the top of Shinkun La pass (5090m) and other side of the pass is little bit difficult. We arrive at Ramjak after passing by Chumik Nakpo. Our Campsite is near a beautiful Mani wall.

Day 22: Ramjak to Palhamo (3700m) 5-6 hours

We walk towards the same direction along the stream and after sometime, we cross the river to get to a teashop. The campsite for the night is after crossing the bigger stream.

Day 23: Pal Lhamo to Darcha Sumdo (3300m) 3-4 hours

Today is the last day of our trek with short walk passing through the villages of Chika and Rarik, from where the motor able road starts and it takes us to Darcha Sumdo.

Day 24: Darch Sumdo to Leh by bus 6-7 hours drive

Today we take a bus to Leh. ?

 Day 25: Rest in Leh(3524)

A day at leisure in Leh. We can go for shopping or spend the time on our own. Farewell Dinner will be managed by the company. Hence, we dine together with the Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition staffs.

Day 26: Leh – Delhi (237m)1 hours 10munutes

Today we fly back to Delhi along with a representative of Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition. During the one-hour flight we fly over countless summits and snowy ridges until the mountains make for Great Plains. In Delhi we go to a not far from the airport hotel. The visitors who wish to visit some of the highlights of Delhi will be on their own.

Day 27: Departure from Delhi (237m) 

Today we fly back to our home country. Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition Leader will make arrangement to drop our valuable guests to the airport from the hotel.