Mr,Palsang Tamang


Mr. Palsang Tamang  having his nick name Bokte  which means a fruit called Bhogate in Nepali and Grapefruit in English . As he was a bit fat and plump so his parents name Bhokte  and he is know by this name in his village, Thulo Parsel . Mr.Tamang, started his career in the trekking field at the age of 16 as a porter. From the hill region of Nepal, he was a capable, hard working, energetic boy.  After long experience and extensive knowledge in the field, he founded the Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expeditions and is the Managing Director. He is a member of TAAN.  He holds a certificate and the professional license for trekking/tour guide and has completed trainings given by the government. He speaks English well.  He is involved in various social welfare activities and is the Vice President of NGO Sathsathai Bikas Nepal.