Our Team

Mr. Palsang Tamang

Mr. Palsang Tamang having his nick name Bokte which means a fruit called Bhogate in Nepali and Grapefruit in English. As he was a bit fat and plump so his parents named Bhokte…

Mr. Daten Tamang

Executive Director
Mr. Daten Tamang, from Thulo Parsel, started his career as a trekking porter.  He is an initial member of the Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition team and has been a…

Mr.Prem Bahadur Gurung

Mr. Prem Bahadur Gurung B.A., from Pokhara, manages the company’s website and internet correspondence.  He has been with the HV Treks Team from the beginning. Professionally,…

Mr.Dal Bahadur Shrestha

Mr. Dal Bahadur Shrestha, M.A. also manages internet correspondence for HV Treks and Expeditions.  From Gorkha, he has a Masters Degree in Management from Central Department…

Mr.Hiranya Tamang

Mr. Hiranya Tamang, B.A. Management, is the company accountant.  He is a founding member of the HV Treks Team. He is from Thulo Parsel, Tamang.

Mr.Prabin Kumar Lama Tamang

Mr. Prabin Kumar Lama Tamang joined as a porter with HV Treks at its inception. After 5 years he became a guide and has led treks for 15 years.  He has extensive training…

mr.Dhan Bahadur Tamang

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Tamang who had started his career as a trekking guide is now doing the job of rafting guide for the last 20 years is in the team of HV Treks from the very…

Mr.Indra Magar

Mr. Indra Magar, from Thulo Parsel, has much experience and has trekked all over Nepal.  He has been a licensed guide for 10 years.  First a porter, he has been with HV…

Mr. Sandesh moktan

Mr. Sandesh moktan from Thulo Parsel, started his career as a porter.  For five years he has been a Guide with certificate and license.  He speaks English well.

Mr.Puspa Tamang

Guide / Cook
Mr. Pushpa Tamang from Thulo Parsel, has over 15 years experience as a trekking cook.  He serves as a secondary guide as well.  He is an initial member of the HV Treks…

Mr.Dhan Lama

Mr. Dhan Tamang has 17 years experience of guiding treks. He is also an adept rafting guide. From Thulo Parsel, he joined HV Treks at its inception as a porter. He holds…

Mr.Dhiraj Tamang

Cook and Guide /poter
Mr. Dhiraj Tamang, also from Thulo Parsel, is an initial HV Treks team member. He has 12 years experience, and has had government sponsored training and holds a certificate…

mr.Maila Tamang

Mr. Maila Tamang, from Thulo Parsel, has been with HV Treks from the beginning.  He prepares Nepali local food as well as continental food as per the desires of the clients. …