Bungee jumping Nepal

Bungee jumping  Nepal

Bungee Jumping is among the most popular adventure activities for those visiting Nepal. Attempt one of the world’s highest Bungee Jump near the Tibetan Border. The remarkable 500ft (160m) drop into the Bhoti Kosi River gorge on the Nepal/Tibet border is the longest free-fall in the world. The CNN GO also has mentioned the bungee jump at The Last Resort of Nepal as one of Asia’s 5 highest bungee jumps. And perhaps it’ the world’s highest bungee jump on a natural setting of Bhote Koshi River, one of Nepal’s wildest rivers, raging below is enough to make your heartbeat run faster. And, it is the thrill of bungee jumping as if there is no fun for real adventure lover if a challenge is not so hard and difficult. It is located within a reach of 4 hours outside Kathmandu and just 19 km away from the Tibet Border. The Bungee Bridge happens to be the only privately owned bridge in Nepal. It has been specially designed for bungee jumping with a 4xsafety factor and has a loading factor of 41,500 kg or 4.5 tons according to the Swiss measurements. Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition will make arrangement for this adventurous trip according to the need and wish of the explorer. Himalayan Vacation Treks and Expedition is capable, experienced, and prepared to give a 24-hour emergency response to an accident or condition that requires attention or evacuation.